Governance Board

Representing ECS

The Escondido Christian School Governance Board is made up of a wide variety of members, including current ECS parents, past parents, teachers, and administrators. The board’s role is to represent ECS by promoting the school publicly, interpreting its mission, and expounding on its virtues. Board members meet second or third Tuesdays of the month to discuss school policy and vote on potential changes. Meetings are open to the ECS community.

Have a Question for Our Governance Board?

Please submit any questions or concerns you may have about our current handbook policies below. Our governance board committee will review them at their next meeting.


Below is a list of our members. If you'd like to contact a specific member please click on their email below their name.

Matt Conway (Administrator)

Jody LeDuc (Administrator)

Rob Ransweiler (Community Representative)

Rich McDowell (Community Representative )

Tawnya Torok (Current Parent)

Jeff Polson (Current Grandparent)

Amber Mitchell (Junior High Representative)

Martina Nielsen (Preschool Representative)

Kayla George (3rd-5th Representative)

Tricia Pombert (K-2nd Representative) 

Des Garcia (Infant Toddler Center)