Christian Education Elevated

High School

Our full-time 9th-12th grade high school program began with five students during the 2015-2016 school year.  Through an innovative online curriculum provider (non-Common Core) and a fully on-campus program environment, we are able to offer the best of our almost 70-years-strong traditional classroom program with personalized 21st century learning.  The high school incorporates college prep/academic counseling, chapel, face-to-face Bible class, internships, missions trips, and local service opportunities in our own community.

More Information

Email or call 760-745-2071 for a personal tour.

Financial aid is available on a needs based scale.  Applications for Financial Aid are processed through our school management system, FACTS.  

We operate a small accredited high school that is perfect for students that are self-motivated, enjoy working in a relaxed quiet setting, and possibly begin college coursework during their senior year.  We offer a rigorous, engaging curriculum used by numerous public and private schools that prepares students for college. Teachers lead collaborative activities and promote spiritual development.

Yes. Our high school is a five-day-a-week (Fridays are half-days), fully on-campus classroom program with approximately 60% of time spent online.  Service opportunities and missions trips are incorporated into the curriculum.

Lessons are standards based, non-Common core and contain interactive animations, videos, audio components, study sheets, vocabulary, and other learning tools to enhance the learning process through a Constructivist model. Lessons also contain practice problems with hints and answers provided, followed by formal online quizzes. These are given in the form of a computer-based quiz, which requires students to apply the concepts of the lesson to their assessment. In addition to quizzes, students complete a variety of assessments to demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of the subject matter; these vary from written responses turned in on a Word document, to live presentations of PowerPoint slides and oral commentary to their teacher.

In the classroom, students have full-time access to onsite teachers who guide their independent study and lead collaborative activities. Classes are structured in blocks for various subjects, allowing students to deeply interact with content while making use of a variety of learning environments.  Weekly chapels and service opportunities complement the academic side.

At Escondido Christian High School, leadership and service opportunities abound. From monthly community service opportunities to our annual Leadership Camp on Palomar Mountain each September, students are challenged to think outside themselves. The school year culminates with a missions trip allowing them to experience poverty in the context of sharing the gospel and serving the needs of others in a tangible way.

Leadership Camp is designed to help high school students understand and live out a Christ-like model of leadership. This happens by experiencing and processing several leadership qualities. These qualities include a Biblical worldview, Excellence, Perseverance, Service, Respect and Teamwork. These concepts are discussed through interactive seminars and then fleshed out through team building initiatives, ropes course challenges, and other active learning experiences. A debriefing session is held after each hands-on learning opportunity so that students absorb and apply each leadership quality.