Success Starts Here.

A resource program to help children flourish in their education here at ECS.

Power Learning Program

We understand that not every child thrives in a classroom setting, that’s why we created our Power Learning Program (PLP).  PLP is Escondido Christian School’s resource center.  It is a unique part of ECS which flows from our heart to help every student.

More Information

Parents who choose to enroll their child at Escondido Christian School have the benefit of a resource program known as the Power Learning Program (PLP).  PLP is designed to meet the needs of children who either show they have learning gaps and/or learning deficiencies.  PLP uses small group instruction to fill in learning gaps and bring confidence back to the student.  The goal of PLP instruction ultimately is to mainstream the student into the classroom. 

We often have children who come to ECS who need additional help beyond the traditional classroom.  To be placed in a PLP class, students are recommended by their teachers, or are identified through administrative review.  Based on these recommendations, the student, with the consent of the parent, is referred to the principal and/or counselor and placed in the appropriate PLP class. 

The PLP instructor administers assessments using the Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement, the Houghton Mifflin Leveled Reading Assessments, the Scholastic 3-Minute Reading Assessment, the LEXIA Quick Phonics Assessment and the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS).  The PLP program is intended to meet the needs of all grade levels in the school, therefore the frequency and type of test used will vary. The assessments provide a measure of progress, but the evaluations of the instructors, who are working with the students, as well as the input from the classroom teacher, are valuable tools for measuring a student’s growth.

Your child will be assessed and monitored for progress throughout each quarter. As soon as your child has shown that he/she possesses the skills needed to flourish in a larger classroom setting, he/she will be encouraged to return the classroom to receive instruction.

Math and Reading/Language Arts

The cost for one class is $165 per month.  Each additional class is $50 per month.