Close Community

ECS is blessed to have a close-knit community on campus where lasting friendships develop.

Middle School

Middle school is a time of transition in many ways for your child. ECS is blessed to have a close community campus where your student doesn’t disappear into the crowd. In addition to a curriculum that prepares them for high school, our students can choose to participate in numerous ways through electives or after-school activities.

More Information

While electives change each year, an example of electives that have been offered are; Spanish, Worship Band, Art, Journalism, Life Skills, Academic Success, Photography, Extreme Sports, Archery, and Disc Golf.

Drama Dept. with a vibrant full-scale drama production.
After-School Competitive Sports
Student Government

6th graders attend a 3-day Astrocamp in the winter snow season
7th graders visit Catalina Island for 3 days of marine science
8th graders take an East Coast trip to visit historical sites including the Washington D.C. area, Amish Country, Philadelphia, Williamsburg, Jamestown, and attend a Broadway play in New York City